Debunking The Myths: 12 Misconceptions About The Security of Gun Safes

When buying a gun safe, it’s not enough that it’s made of steel and it can lock pretty good. You should also consider the strength of the material against different forces. Can it withstand fire? Flooding? Theft? We’ve covered all these on our complete gun safe buying guide. On this post, we will tackle the common mistakes and myths gun owners do and believe when they are scouting for their gun safes. This will help you recognize what to consider when choosing a gun safe and how to use it properly.

Since gun safes offer security, it’s not new that all of us have varying opinions about it. Others have a strong belief that it’s the answer to keeping thieves away from their weapons and valuables. Some have a different point of view. This is where the security myths arise. It makes being realistic difficult for most gun owners.

For sure, gun safe manufacturers would have their own claims about their products. However, it’s easy to be carried away by the empty marketing ploys if you’re a newbie. It’s important to debunk these myths before putting your money on the table. Some misconceptions about gun safes can be lethal so you should take extra care when handling guns and its safes.

1. Putting your guns and valuables together is a dangerous thing

Let’s start with a ridiculous myth. It’s a fact that some gun safes are made with extra racks and shelves where you can store other valuables like jewelry, documents, or money. Some people think that putting all these together is quite a very dangerous thing to do. Once the burglar cracks the safe open, he can get everything in just a single stop.

what to consider when choosing a gun safe

Although this can actually happen, the risk level depends on how sturdy your safe is and how secure your house is. You shouldn’t rely on the gun safe alone and ditch other security gadgets. Putting your valuables inside a reliable safe is better than leaving it sitting on sliding cabinets or your nightstand. The burglar would have to do a lot of work before he can actually break into your vault. That’s what to consider when choosing a gun safe.

2. Gun safes are absolute solutions

While there are people who are very skeptic about gun safes, there is also a bunch who thinks that vaults like these are the single solution to gun security. Although gun safes offer a high degree of security, it’s not at par with true safes. It has its limitations and you should compensate this by reinforcing the security of your home or wherever you’re placing the safe.

Remember, gun safes aren’t made equal. Some are made of 20-gauge steel; others are typical at 10-gauge metal. This quality alone says a lot about the security level the gun safe has to offer. Another thing is the construction and the locking system it uses.

Just because it’s called “safe” doesn’t mean it gives absolute protection. Even the toughest security measures can be breached by a stealth criminal. That’s what to consider when choosing a gun safe if you’re a newbie.

3. You can secure loaded guns inside

Like what I said earlier, some misconceptions can be lethal. Storing a loaded gun inside a safe can cause a deadly accident when someone else accessed your safe. You might also pull the trigger the next time you grab the gun. And if the safe is caught in a fire, the firearm could be cooked off and fire. It’s not the most fascinating event that could happen.

If you’re not the only one accessing your safe, storing a loaded gun is like placing a land mine next to the person.  The worst thing is you might forget that it’s loaded and end up shooting someone accidentally in your house. Always remove the magazine of your guns and make sure that the safety button is on at all times. This is necessary no matter how ‘veteran’ you are in handling firearms.

4. If the safe is heavy, it’s unlikely to be stolen

If you have a 900-pound gun safe cabinet, this could probably be true. But this doesn’t discount the fact that safes and vaults can be stolen no matter how heavy those are. Knowing what to consider when choosing a gun safe includes the risk of theft. This is the reason why there are pre-drilled holes on gun safes so you can bolt it on the floor or the wall of your house. Never assume that since your gun safe is heavy, it won’t be the target of burglars. Someone who has a deep interest in your valuables will come up with great measures just to take hold of it.

what to consider when choosing a gun safe

Thieves know that gun safes can be difficult to crack open. So they resort to lifting it out of your house and opening it painstakingly at the comfort of their own home. It’s best if you’ll secure it with the right hardware.

5. The thieves will target the gun safe door

This has been a long-withstanding myth about gun safes. Manufacturers also made their part of thickening the door plates of their gun safes to discourage thieves from taking it as a target. But oblivious gun safe owners have no idea that burglars are also catching up with the latest technology. Thieves would likely dig their way on the thin walls of the safe to amass your guns and valuables.

There’s nothing wrong about choosing a safe with thick doors and tight-fitting edges. However, make sure that the walls are also reinforced enough to withstand brute forces. Don’t let the door of the safe tell everything about the security level the vault has to offer.

Don’t fall prey on marketing ploys of manufacturers either. Ask questions about how tough the product is. Don’t be intimidated by the technicalities since this is included on what to consider when choosing a gun safe.

6. Believing that you’re not likely to be burglarized

Since your neighborhood seems to be a very quiet community, you think that your house is unlikely to be burglarized. You don’t set your burglar alarm and you leave your small gun safe unbolted. You’re lucky if no one tries to break in, but you should expect the worse when a thief is already in your house.

Statistics show that about two to four million houses in the U.S. get burglarized every year. Every 13 seconds, there’s a burglary happening. You’ll never know when your home would be the next target. The only thing you can do is prepare and take necessary measures to secure your belongings even if you already have a gun safe.

A safe is a safe, but other people can go crazy lengths just to steal things.

7. Your kids can’t figure out pass keys

If you have an electronically locked gun safe, it’s easy to think that your kids can’t figure out the passkey you set. Although this is usually the case, using a single passkey for a long stretch of time can be easy to pick up. That’s what to consider when choosing a gun safe model that’s digital. The marks on the touchpad would show and it would be easy for a teenager to figure out the combination. Kids can become really curious and their inquisitiveness is fueled by the mystery of what’s behind the tightly locked door.

what to consider when choosing a gun safe

Always change your pass keys and keep your manual keys away. As much as possible, leave it inside the safe once you set the biometrics. Also, don’t tell your kids that there’s a secret keyhole. They would likely search for it when you’re away. And that spells trouble for you.

8. Manual locks are outdated and less efficient

Digital locks are the new thing these days. Most gun safes are powered by biometrics technology which is way easier to access. One fingerprint scan and you’re good to go. It’s convenient and the usual option among gun owners. This develops the thinking that manual and slow opening locks are quite impractical. That’s far from the truth.

Manual locking systems offer a higher level of security. Due to the intricate mechanism inside, it would take time to open, both for burglars and the owner. Although this isn’t the practical choice for some, this is the best bet for those looking for a higher level of protection. Include that on what to consider when choosing a gun safe.

Just imagine if the power runs out of your electronic locks or if a fire engulfs the safe. The electronic parts will fry and even cause explosions that can aggravate the situation.

9. You can place the gun safe anywhere

So you have a topnotch gun safe that the manufacturers claim to be prybar and impact-resistant. And since it offers a high-security level, you think that placing it anywhere in the house wouldn’t be a problem. This can both be true and false. The spot where you place the safe can affect the security. For example, placing it in plain view on your living room makes it easy for burglars to have access to it. Moving it to the top floor of your house wouldn’t be a good thing either in case of fire.

The best bet here is on the ground floor inside a room or office. Make sure that humidity is also low and there’s a concrete slab beneath. Don’t place a safe on top of a hollow wooden plank. When fire rages the house, the safe can fall and hurt someone beneath.

10. Having a low-quality safe is better than nothing

This is the common notion among newbie gun owners who don’t have the budget to spend on quality vaults. Knowing what to consider when choosing a gun safe shouldn’t rely alone on pricing. They rely on cheap safes and stash every valuable they can imagine inside it. After a long day at work, they arrive at their home with the safe pried opened and the contents are gone. This is a very good example that contradicts the belief that it’s better to have a dysfunctional safe than nothing.

what to consider when choosing a gun safe

You purchase gun safes for security. And security isn’t cheap based on standards. If you really want to reduce the risk of your weapons and valuables being taken away, you should put your money where your mouth is.

If your only goal is to keep kids away from the firearms, a cheap safe may work up to some point. However, don’t expect that it will work wonders during a fire or burglary attempts.

11. Gun safes will stop thieves on their tracks

Do you actually think that thieves will run away at the sight of your gun safe? They would likely be discouraged but you’ll never know when a prepared thief will come prying your safe open. Don’t be too comfortable with the sense of false security gun safe brings. No matter how safe your community feels, burglary can happen to anyone. Although gun safes can intimidate newbie thieves, they can come back ready with the right tools and knowledge.

You should have alarm systems in place so you can be alerted when someone breaks in. That’s what to consider when choosing a gun safe. Remember, theft doesn’t just happen in the shadows of the night. Burglars can also attack during the day when you’re out. Thieves can easily monitor what time you usually go out and back of your house. Make sure that you have more than a gun safe to secure your belongings.

12. It’s totally fireproof

This is, by far, the most common myth about gun safes. Gun owners think that it’s an absolute fire monster. But here’s the thing: there’s a set limit as to how much temperature a safe can endure under a specific span of time. Some gun safes can endure fire cladding of up to two hours with a maximum temperature of 400F. After the two-hour allowance, the metal may start to melt and the content of the safe will start to burn.

It’s safe to say that gun safes are fireproof for a very limited time. But once it exceeds that limit, it’s nothing but a melting chunk of metal.

Knowing what to consider when choosing a gun safe starts by debunking the common myths surrounding it. With the right knowledge, you can choose a gun vault that suits your needs and location. What do you think? Let us know below!

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Debunking The Myths: 12 Misconceptions About The Security of Gun Safes

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