Stylish Gun Safes For 2018: Get Ready To Splurge

A person who lives alone should always find ways to protect him or herself when the need arises. It is not like we live in a 100% evil world but if chances are 50/50 it is best to come prepared. Physical kinds of weaponry such as using a bat or steel rod are always expected by burglars. Also, they often have advanced weapons with them too. How about educating yourself with the proper use of a firearm? Doing this nowadays is no longer uncommon. Owning a firearm or two would be an immense help for you. Check some stylish gun safes for 2018 fit for a person who lives alone we have compiled. Let us help you keep your guns safe and secured in your home.

Choosing the right gun safe

Of course, you have to set your priorities first. One doesn’t just want one of the stylish gun safes for 2018 but it has to fit all the necessary criteria as well. Do you own or plan to own a hand gun? Or do you want to keep another firearm in your home? Do you want to consider a rifle or a shotgun available within reach always?

Here are some of the considerations you have to keep in mind when going shopping for your gun safe. It is best to anticipate what you may need in the future. This can be a portable gun safe that you can always carry in your vehicle. This could also be a heavy-duty one that can also store some of your valuables such as expensive paintings or that diamond ring your grandmother passed on to you.

Whatever your preference may be, we have compiled some of the best looking and stylish gun safes for 2018 that will be perfect for your home or your apartment. Prepare your credit card!

Stylish Gun Safes For 2018 To Keep You In Style

The Future Hunter

Well, you might not know it yet but upon having your first experience hunting, you might want to explore it more. If you feel like you are this type of gun-owner, consider getting a spacious when and pin gun safe. This is for your guns and other hunting equipment such as knives and binoculars.

Fort Knox Legend Vault

Are you trying to keep the Scandinavian style incorporated throughout the rest of your home? Since it’s just you and no one else, you better get one of the best vaults for your hunting needs. The Fort Knox Legend Vault provides a classy style without sacrificing purpose. While it looks great, it still tops the ranks as one of those with the highest quality in the market.

It has built-In LED light system and dehumidifier and you can still pimp it up with other features. You can add accessories such as a door organizer, a mirror and holsters. You can even customize its size and its exterior finish with dark or light granite or rimrock, depending on your taste.

It will be a serious investment as it starts from $16,006. Get your very own Fort Know Legend Vault here.

Liberty Safe Lincoln Series

If you have the budget, the Liberty Safe Lincoln Series is a good investment and a great fixture when placed in your common area. You can customize it depending on your need. The interior can be compartmentalized into horizontal layers if you prefer documents and handguns only. However, it will be losing its purpose of you don’t maximize its potential.

You can opt for a bigger size! The Lincoln 25 can carry up to 24 guns, the Lincoln 40 can store 35 guns and the Lincoln 50 can store up to 41 guns! You can even customize the exterior color depending if you will be using black chrome hardware, brass hardware or chrome hardware. You can top it off with the kind of lock depending on your taste – you can choose the standard mechanical lock or the SecuRam ProLogic Lock for an additional amount.

Splurge as it starts from $2,649. Build your own Liberty Safe Lincoln Series now and it will be worth it.

The Future Spy

Ever wondered how spies always have a weapon in hand or can just easily grab one under their couch? You too should be able to easily grab one and fend yourself from an attacker in a matter of seconds. Here are some stylish gun safes for 2018 perfect for the future spy that is you.

Liberty Home Concealment Hidden Gun Storage Shelf With Dual Drop Down Concealed Compartments

This gun storage shelf from Liberty Home Concealment is the perfect furniture for you if you need tp protect yourself from intruders. It conceals itself innocently as furniture but once you turn the shelves upside down, it will reveal your future spy collection. With two spacious layers, you may choose to place books on it or other home accessories as you hide your rifles of shotguns in plain sight.

At 55″x18″x38″, you will be able to conceal at least two rifles or shotguns with enough space for another handgun in case you need more ammo. The ball-bearing slides will allow you to access your weapons easily when needed.

At $750 a pop, get ready to splurge. Get it here.


Do you want to have the best couch in the world? Imagine having a couch that provides pillows that doubles as bulletproof shields! CouchBunker™ has designed it before you could’ve imagined it. They have customizable designs perfect for your game room and even for your home’s formal room. You can order customized designs of the CouchBunker™ here.

At 96” x 39” x 14” you will have ample of space if you need to store more firearm. You can even have the company customize it for your yacht or your RV so you will have immediate access to your weapons if necessary. You will be one step closer to living your spy life.

Keep on looking below for other stylish gun safes for 2018.

The Home Protector

Sometimes, when you spend so much on things mean that you don’t need to allot your money in certain things. This could be a family-sized grocery list or children’s tuition. This could also mean you live alone or only live with a partner. While you still have the financial capacity, why not spend it on protecting yourself? Check below on what to get if you want stylish options for hand gun safes.

The GunBox 2.0

Do you sleep alone and feel like you’re unprotected all the time? With The GunBox 2.0, you will have access to your firearm in a heartbeat. You will be able to protect yourself from intruders if needed.

The GunBox 2.0 features a fingerprint scanner and RFID which allows you to unlock the safe in a matter of seconds. It has USB ports that doubles are chargers for your phone or tablet when needed. It’s high strength die cast aluminum alloy protects your weapon shock. You can easily place it in your bedside drawer or your easily carry in your vehicle when travelling alone.

It’s amazing how a single charge can last this gun safe for six months! You can get it in Carbon Black or Gun Smoke for only $289.

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe QAP1BE

If you want another stylish pistol safe for you, check out Sentry Safe’s QAP1BE. It also requires biometric entry which allows access only for your or for those whose fingerprints are also registered in your device. It has a silent digital lock which allows you to access your firearm quietly in the dead of the night.

You bolt it down on your beside drawer to secure It from thieves. The Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe QAP1BE ranges from $200 – $400. Get it here.

Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe

The Fort-Knox is known for durable safes and their hand gun safes are no less than great. They are perfect to keep your hand gun safe and still be stylish at all times.

Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe is equipped with 10-gauge steel  and 3/16 steel plate door which prevents unwanted access. It has internal dimension of 10 ¼” D x 3 5/8” H x 8 1/4” W which can easily fit one hand gun and extra magazine in case needed.

At the moment, Fort Knox Vaults offers a two-day defensive handgun course if you purchase this handgun safe. This tuition is at $1000 but can be yours for free if you get this safe. The Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe is on sale now at $245.

We have compiled a number of biometric gun safes here! Take a peek and see if you prefer bedroom gun safes that you can access faster.

Now that you’ve seen the stylish gun safes for 2018, it is time to get one for yourself! Make sure that even if your splurge on one, you still budget well so you can get the best one that you need. Hope I was able to help. Which one is perfect for you? Let us know in the comments section!

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Stylish Gun Safes For 2018: Get Ready To Splurge

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