Long Rifle Case for Travelling Options Plus! Ammo Storage

Transporting our rifles and shotguns to other locations will always be a feat of safety. Not only will it entail safety for ourselves but for the people who will go are around with us, too. Others might be doing this all the time but we cannot just leave our hunting rifles lying in the car’s backseat or leave it leaning on the passenger’s seat. A long rifle case for travelling with your gun is crucial for short hunting trips or long travels abroad. This is to ensure that your weapon will not go off anytime and all your gun accessories stay in place.

Guidelines in Using a Long Rifle Case for Travelling With Your Gun

Before anything else, make sure that when you travel, you have researched the firearm travel regulations of the place you are coming from and your destination. It is best if you know all firearm regulations when travelling through the United States as not all states have the same laws. Not all locations and countries have the same gun safety regulations.

As a responsible gun owner, it is your own personal to know and verify what your responsibilities are when travelling abroad, as well. Secure your permits and license beforehand and carry it with you at all times.

Long Rifle Cases for Travelling

Before anything else separate your firearm from your ammo when travelling. Accidents happen and no matter how careful you are, prevention is still better.

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case

With interior dimensions at 43” x 13” x 5” the Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case is a perfect long rifle case for travelling. Also, on its name already, it is perfect for all sorts of weather when heading from one place to another.

long rifle case for Ttravelling

A Dri-Loc Seal which can withstand extreme conditions such as torrential rains and snow is incorporated in the Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case. It is also airtight which protects your weapon from pressure during airline travel! This is the best gun case when travelling via airplane or even water travel.

The padded interior foams can be customized depending on your needs. You can have one area made to secure your rifle and some space for your magazine since they are always needed to be separated. With industrial grade steel and heavy-duty locks, your weapon is safe from bumping with other luggage when travelling.

It ranges from $70 – $150. Get it here.

Flambeau Gun Case

The Flambeau Tactical AR Gun Case is a perfect hard plastic gun case for those not so bumpy trips. It has layers on both sides of corrugated foam to prevent your firearm from having scratches. There are also two areas secured for magazines so they will stay in place.

long rifle case for travelling

To ensure that you will be using the Flambeau Gun Case for a long time, Zerust technology has been incorporated in the magazine dividers to avoid corrosion in its materials. You won’t have to worry about rust getting in your equipment!

With interior dimensions at 40”L x 12”W x 4”D you will be able to fit inside one rifle and two magazines for back up. Check out the Flambeau Gun Case here.

Pelican 1750 Rifle Case

Since the Pelican 1750 Rifle Case is waterproof and crushproof, it is another best option for a long rifle case for travelling with your gun. The polymer ring prevents water from getting in the case. Also, the Pelican 1750 Rifle Case can withstand extreme pressure because it has been incorporated with the Automatic Pressure Equalization technology. This is the perfect feature whenever you need to fly out with your equipment. This is also highly helpful when you take your firearm in long flights.

long rifle case for travelling

The stainless steel locks will prevent unauthorized people from getting in your hard case. Another great feature about the Pelican 1750 Rifle Case is its wheels! Other rifle cases do not have this feature. It is often overlooked but greatly helpful when getting from one airport gate to another.

Check out this Rifle Case and transform your travel routine.

Ammo Cases for Travelling

Now that you have rifle options, how about something to carry your ammo? Ammo should be separated from your firearm always. Of course, you can’t just put it in a Ziploc and place it in your bag. Specialized containers to keep them stable are available. These will be highly helpful in organizing your ammo too. Always remember that putting ammo in your carry-on is highly prohibited – it must be checked in through the airline or watercraft when traveling.

Plano 131250 Ammo Box

If you want to match your Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case with your Plano 131250 Ammo Box, you may do so. Both have the same design aesthetics and heavy duty look perfect for those bumpy rides. It has a brass latch that can be easily secured by a lock. It can hold 6 -8 boxes of ammunition which is perfect for a weekend-long hunting trip.

The whole case is water-resistant using the o-seal. This can be used near the water such as lakes or near waterfalls in the mountain. The o-seal is the same technology used to make the Plano Tactical Gun Case waterproof. Get yours here.

MTM 50 Caliber Ammo Storage Can

The look on the MTM 50 Caliber Ammo Storage Can is perfect for hunting. Because of its look this is also perfect for those other rugged activities outdoors . It has interior dimensions at 5.8″ (L) x 11″ (W) x 7.2″ (H) which can easily fit dozens of 50 calibers. The double padlocks on its side are perfect for securing them properly. The stacking system on top of the storage can be well-utilized whenever outdoors and you need to stack up all those ammo.

When not in use for hunting trips or travelling this can also be used as storage in your garage.

Have you made up your mind in looking for the best long rifle case for travelling with your gun just for you? How about ammo storage? Check here if you haven’t decided on which long firearm gun safe you will get. Always remember, it’s best to invest in safety than paying for the cure! Always travel with your firearm safely.

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Long Rifle Case for Travelling Options Plus! Ammo Storage

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