2019 Best Gun Safes In The World: The Big 3

Oftentimes, we purchase something out of convenience rather than getting something because it is one of the best of its kind. Also, we often prioritize things that are needed for our day-to-day life. However, if you are a gun owner, safety should always come first. Having the best gun safe in your home means safety for your whole family. How would you know which ones are the best? Is it more on the storage or brand? Keep reading to find out more about the 2019 best gun safes in the world.

2019 Best Gun Safes in the World: Liberty, Vault Pro, Fort Knox

The Liberty Fatboy Safe

Now, the Liberty Fatboy Safe is literally a huge, fat, gun safe and the rest of the United States loves it. It is at the moment the best-selling gun safe in the country. On the other hand, if you are willing to shell out the big bucks, then you should have it in your house. Why is the US going gaga over the Liberty Fatboy?

2018 best gun safes in the world

Image Credit: Liberty Safe and Security Products, Inc.

For its size, the Liberty Fatboy Safe offers a whopping 56” H x 38” W x 20” D which can easily fit 64 guns! That’s twice the size of firearms this safe can carry compared to usual safes. However, there’s still the Liberty Fatboy Extreme that gives you more space for 10 more long guns or rifles! These will be squeezed comfortably with your other shooters. There is also the Fatboy Jr. if you don’t plan to store bigger guns or add more to your collection.


The fire these Fatboys can endure is up to 75 minutes with temperatures reaching up to 1200°F. This is 15 minutes more than the leading competitors’ time, according to Liberty Safe. This reason alone is enough to the Fatboy to be in the 2018 best gun safes in the world list.

The normal range for BTU fire rating in any item ranges from 30,000 – 100,000. This means the higher the BTU fire rating, the higher its heat resistance capability. The Liberty Fatboy has 86,000 BTU. This is even higher than Liberty Safe’s previously highest BTU safe which was only at 83,000 BTU.

All of its walls have been incorporated by two layers of fire boards. The top of the safe and the door parts have triple layers of fire boards. Each fire board is as thick as 5/8”. Fire boards used in safes are usually as thin as 3/8”. The Liberty Fatboy has also been incorporated with the Palusol™ Heat Activated seal. This seals the areas quickly where heat might enter.


Also, these Fatboys can withstand not just natural disasters but man-made ones too. If someone wants to get in these bad boys and access your firearms, it is almost impossible. It has military grade locking bars which stop prying. The steel placed in front of the locking mechanism prevents any form of drilling from penetrating your safe.

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The DX-90 Monster Mech technology prevents any kind of safe penetration. This technology is exclusive only to Liberty Safes.


The classic design of the Liberty Fatboy pays homage to the classic and wheel and pin gun safes from the past centuries. Not only it is new but the design still offers a fresh new look through its new gray marble gloss finish. On the other hand, the three-spoke handle preserves the classic, American look of this gun safe.

With its classy yet sturdy design profile, the Liberty Fatboy is perfect in the living room and even in the bedroom!

Vault Pro USA Custom Safes

Vault Pro USA has made its name in creating world-class and high-quality gun safes. Not only do they create gun safes, but they have stepped it up a notch and proceeded to create vaults, vault doors and even storm shelter safe rooms! That’s creating something that can withstand tornadoes and protect human lives. Check out what kind of gun safes and security for your firearms they have to offer.

best home office gun safe for 2018

Image Credit: Vault Pro USA

Vault Pro USA Custom Safes will meet any of your demands. If you want to store and keep up to 100 long guns, they will not turn their back on you! Also, you can even create racks for your other precious tools such as guitar and wine racks. On the other hand, they will even create hooks for your handguns so you can proudly display them right on the door. If you prefer to have more additional storage, you can request for a door organizer for other gun accessories you want to be kept.


Having a customized gun safe shouldn’t have its fireproofing quality sacrificed. The customized Fire and Ballistic Resistant Display Gun Safe of Vault Pro step itself as one of the 2019 best gun safes in the world. It can resist up to 1 hour of fire! However, you can request for additional protection. In addition, they also have a level 2 ballistic resistant protection with 120 minutes of fire resistance! If these are not enough, all their safes have a dual steel body with 2300° fire resistance. You are sure that all your valuables are intact and safe from fire.


All Vault Pro USA Custom Safes don’t just look good. They will not be pros in the business if they haven’t stepped up their security game. All their safes have four-way active locking bolts. If this is not enough, their custom safes also have S&G Digital Locks and very sturdy brass 5-prong handles.
Also, if you want another hidden storage compartment, they can create concealed drawers so you can keep your other valuables hidden from intruders.


Well, if you want to have your vault “all you” you can have your vault customized according to your preferences. They accept custom requests from the fabric of your safe’s interior to its badass exterior paint job.

On the other hand, the design isn’t just for aesthetic purposes but also for maximum utilization. Also, they have display safes so you can put your guns in storage. In line with this, you can present them just like they’re valuable possessions in a museum. If this doesn’t make Vault Pros’ Custom Safe one of the 2018 best gun safes in the world, I don’t know what would. Their walk-in gun safes were not just made so you will be able to say you have a walk-in gun closet. Navigating through your collection will be easy as a breeze that’s why they designed it this way.

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However, if you prefer to have all your valuables separated but still contained in one safe, they have the Monster Triple Door Safe. Furthermore, you can store your firearms in one side. In addition, you can put your valuable documents in another one and fill the last one with your jewelry or other prized collections.

Do these things assure you that Vault Pro Custom Safes are some of the 2019 best gun safes in the world? Call Vault Pro today and get a quotation on your dream safe today!

Fort Knox Legend Vault

Lastly, but definitely not the least spot for the top 3 goes to Fort Knox Legend. They are one of the most trustworthy names in the industry. They also remain one of the best safes for decades. The Fort Knox Safes stand firm by the quality they offer that they offer a lifetime warranty for their clients.

2018 best gun safes in the world

Image Credit: Fort Knox, Inc.

With modular storage incorporated in the Fort Knox safes, you can adjust your preferences accordingly. You can have yours customized into shelves only. Or if you prefer, storage for half long guns or all long gun storage if that’s what your collection is all about. There have 9 different configurations you can choose from depending on your needs.

If you have several handguns and ammo that you want to store properly in your safe, you can request for a door organizer so you can easily access those when needed. For the most part, dehumidifier is present to keep your firearms at the right storage temperature.


Also, since Fort Knox offers a lifetime warranty, you know the quality is always top notch. Moreover, this includes the hydrogen bond fireboard incorporated in the lining of the inside walls of all the vaults. Also, the Reinforced Fire Door adds another layer of protection against fire – this is three to four times more steel than other safe doors. Consequently, the Fort Knox Legend Vault can withstand up to 90 minutes of a 1680° F fire.


How do 28 locking bolts sound to you? The Fort Knox Legend Vault has 28 locking bolts! This is over the 10-gauge steel that surrounds the whole vault with steel thickness at 0.5”.

Their 5-to-1 gear drive is one of the most sophisticated forms of locking mechanisms in the industry now. This is a more precise system that only allows access to the proper authorized people.


The Fort Knox Legend Vault offers a sleek or matte finish depending on your request. They have pedestals with carpets to ensure that you firearms are laid properly. This is to avoid unnecessary scratches and dents as well.

You can choose your texture from dark granite, light granite and rimrock and up to 13 gloss colors. You can even opt to have two-toned faded hues too.

Have you decided which one of the 2019 best gun safes in the world is the one for you? Lastly, always choose the best whenever you get something for yourself! Let us know if you have other suggestions on the world’s best safes!

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2019 Best Gun Safes In The World: The Big 3

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