Best Gun Safe Under 500: Top 2 Picks Compared and Reviewed!

Do you have a large gun collection? The best gun safe under 500 will be the best bet to secure your firearms without breaking the bank. As much as you can splurge if you have the budget, a unit that’s under $500 will save you money while getting the same level of protection with that of expensive ones.

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As theft and other crimes become rampant, having a gun safe is almost imperative for gun owners. Aside from securing the firearms from criminals, a safe is an investment that will keep your family, especially the kids, out of harm’s way.

Why should you purchase a gun safe?

The major benefit of investing in a gun safe is keeping your firearms away from unauthorized individuals. It will also be a matter of your family’s safety, especially if you have multiple guns at home.

Here are more reasons why a gun safe is a must-have for many gun owners:

Negligence can lead to tragedies. There are chances that you’ll forget where you put your gun. Also, if someone, say your child, gets hold of it, the repercussions are unimaginable.

Protection against different elements. Many gun safes nowadays are fire-rated and water-resistant. In the event of a fire, you can buy time before your firearms are damaged.

It keeps your firearms in one place. If the need arises, you’ll know where to retrieve your gun.

You can store other belongings. Other valuable things like jewelry, money, and credit cards can be stored in a gun safe. So aside from securing your firearms, the safe doubles as a vault.

There are more benefits in using a gun safe. Since you’ll never know when accidents will strike, it’s much better to take a proactive approach.

What to consider before buying the best gun safe under 500

If you’re planning to purchase a gun safe, you should ensure that you’re investing in a quality unit. Here are some of the guiding points:

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Quality above all

It’s easy to judge a gun safe based on its price. But as much as possible, peruse the quality and features before buying. Price is just one of the essential factors and not a sole basis for your purchase. Don’t always go for the cheapest find.

For example, you may find a gun safe that costs $949 and another that costs $599. For someone on a budget, the cheaper one is the most attractive option. Also, upon checking the specs, the more expensive unit might be more rewarding.

Check the user reviews

The product reviews of verified buyers don’t lie. Moreover, customer reviews will give you a better picture of how the product works and the possible flaws it comes with. When shopping for the best gun safe under 500, take some time to read the reviews. This will be a make-or-break part even for those who have the budget to splurge on.

Don’t be a victim of seller hype

An affordable gun safe overhyped by the seller is a tricky choice. We’d rather refer on actual reviews than the hype of marketing ploys the seller does.

Endorsement features don’t include the ugly parts. It will be better to do your homework with a little research to know how the gun safe works.

Get the right size

Just because the unit is affordable doesn’t mean you’re going to put your money on it right away. Make sure that you size the unit up based on your needs and where you’ll place it on your home or office.

Aside from the price range, measure the dimensions that you can accommodate. An inch or two will make a big difference, especially if you’re working on a cramped space.

Best Gun Safe Guide Under 500– Top 2 Picks!

Stack-On Executive Fire Safe

best gun safe under 500For those looking for a safe that can hold all their ammo, guns, and other precious possessions, the Stack-On Executive safe is a cost-effective and choice. This is a fire rated safe for up to 30 minutes under 1400F. Aslo, it comes with a 3-point locking system that contains a key-coded cylinder lock.

Most of the time, gun owners complain about high barrel rests. But in this Stack-On safe, you’ll enjoy using the adjustable barrel rests so you can store more long firearms. It also has added depth for tactical weapons and ammo.

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What’s more is that this safe is approved by the California Department of Justice. You will have added peace of mind and reliability on your part.

As for its three-spoke handle, it rotates efficiently to retract the locking bolts. It’s more than just a fancy decor like what most safes have.

At 225 pounds, this safe is already lightweight. You can bolt it down to the floor but you have to drill the holes first. Not to mention the adjustable shelves, this safe is an all-arounder.


✔️3-point locking system

✔️Fire-resistant for 30 minutes

✔️You can adjust the shelves and barrel rests

✔️Fool proof electronic lock


❌The shelves are not made of metal

❌Shelves are only felt-wrapped halfway

❌The metal body could be thicker


BARSKA  Biometric Safe

best gun safe under 500Looking for a small safe? the BARSKA Biometric safe is the best choice for pistols and jewelry. This has a childproof lock that can store up to 120 fingerprints. There’s no way your curious kid can pick it.

When someone breaks into your house, the safe’s 2-second access will be a lifesaver. Instead of fumbling on keys or typing codes, you can easily access your firearms by simply scanning your fingerprint. This is also silent which prevents thieves from hearing you.

The BARSKA safe is made from fortified steel so any attempt to pry it open will prove to be a challenge. Although it has a small footprint, it has enough room inside to hold multiple handguns and other important items.

In case the fingerprint scanner runs out of battery, you can use the backup key. You’ll never get locked out of this safe.

For just 44 pounds, this is very lightweight and ideal for home and office use.


✔️Child-proof locking system

✔️Made from fortified steel

✔️Comes with a backup key in case the scanner bogs down

✔️Lightweight and great for storing handguns


❌Not fire rated and best only for storing guns


❌Not ideal for owners of long firearms and ammo


Have you found the best gun safe under 500? These picks we have here are tried and tested. Also, if you have something to share, feel free to drop a comment below!

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