Safety First! The Best Fingerprint Gun Safe to Use at Home

Now, you can put safety right at your fingertips. With the use of the best fingerprint gun safe, no one else can access your firearms and belongings. By registering your fingerprint, you no longer have to deal with dials, codes, and manual keys.

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However, not all fingerprint-powered safes are made equal. You need to check if the unit of your choice is worth the purchase. Also, this limits the persons who will have access to your safe. With no codes to decipher and keys to steal, only you can open the safe without force.

This type of safe is best for households with children. Even grown kids won’t have the chance to pick locks or pick-up codes. You just have to ensure one thing: the fingerprint feature would work seamlessly.

Benefits of fingerprint gun safes

The major benefit of a gun safe guide is the ease of access. You no longer have to fumble through your keys or remember codes. You are the walking passkey to your fingerprint-powered safe.

Some gun safes can program more than one fingerprint. This way, you can choose the right person to trust when it comes to accessing your safe should something happen to you.

Here are some of the practical benefits of a fingerprint safe:

Best for panic situations. If someone broke into your house, panic may get into your nerves. You may find it difficult to punch codes or get a key to the keyhole.

No guesswork. More often than not, we forget passwords we use – even those that we set on safes and vaults. A fingerprint-powered safe will spare you from racking your mind just to remember the passkey you set.

Keeps your kids away. Some kids may become extremely curious about your safe. Teenagers may try to pick locks or spy for the code. But with fingerprint access, they don’t stand a chance.

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Can be an all-around safe. Aside from firearms, you can also store cash and jewelry inside a biometric safe.

Disadvantages of fingerprint gun safes

Like any other thing, fingerprint safe comes with some downsides. The leading pitfall in this type of safe is that some units may not have enough fingerprint sensitivity. So if you’re in a hurry, the sensor may not detect your registered fingerprint properly.

The following are some of the drawbacks of using a fingerprint safe:

Requires battery. Since fingerprint sensors are electronically powered, you need to ensure that the batteries are fully charged for it to function continuously.

Prone to errors. Some substandard units could be prone to electronic issues. This is why investing in a reliable safe is a must.

Can be heavier yet smaller. Due to the additional electronic parts, some fingerprint safes may have additional weight. Still, this won’t be an issue for fixed ones. Also, this type of locking technology is typically used on smaller handgun safes alone.

Is this the right gun safe for you?

Depending on your preference, a fingerprint safe may suit you well. If you keep forgetting codes and misplacing manual keys, you may try a fingerprint-powered unit.

Since most fingerprint safes can store and recognize multiple fingerprints, allowing access to other members of the household wouldn’t be an issue.

Also, if you want quick access to your firearm without compromising security, a fingerprint safe is a good option.

Top 2 Fingerprint Gun Safes to Buy!

If you want to skip dud units, we’ve reviewed here two of the best options for a fingerprint gun safe:

Viking Security Fingerprint Safe

best fingerprint gun safeIf you want to enjoy the best of all worlds, you can avail the Viking Security safe. It comes with a fingerprint sensor, keypad dial, and a manual backup key for all-around access.

This has a 500 DPI sensor for excellent sensitivity together with a 20 mm motorized deadbolt locking system. If all else fails, the four-prong backup key will be your saving grace.

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Although this is just a small handgun safe, it’s pry-resistant. The two locking bolts will securely lock inside the safe. You can also set the beep sound off so intruders won’t hear you accessing your guns. And if you forget to close the door during regular days, a warning beep will sound off to notify you.

The inside has three adjustable shelves with a built-in LED light and a fully carpeted interior.


✔️Non-volatile memory even if the batteries are removed

✔️High fingerprint sensitivity

✔️Keypad dial and backup keys for a well-rounded access

✔️Can store up to 32 fingerprints and 1 code



❌The keypad isn’t backlit in case you want to use the code in the dark


❌The shelves are a bit flimsy


BARSKA Large Biometric Safe

best fingerprint gun safeIf you’re looking for a safe that can store more fingerprints, the BARSKA Biometric safe is the next best choice. It can be programmed to detect up to 120 fingerprints on its two-second access technology.

As a small safe, this can hold a few handguns and some of your valued possessions. In case the battery went off, you can use the backup key or the backup battery set.

There are two shelves inside that are fully carpeted. And to ensure that your belongings are safe, there are three ¾” deadbolts on its locking system that makes it pry-resistant.

Take note, though, that this doesn’t offer any fire or water-resistance features. Nevertheless, this is great in child-proofing your firearms.

Overall, this safe is excellent in deterring burglary, keeping firearms away from children, and securing more belongings.


✔️Up to 120 stored fingerprints

✔️Reliable key and battery backup

✔️A dead-bolt locking system as a theft deterrent

✔️Best in securing pistols



❌The frame rattles when locked

❌Setup instructions are a bit vague


The best fingerprint gun safe is a great choice for instant access without the need to memorize codes and secure keys. In addition, it’s an on-the-go option for those on a budget. What do you think of these picks? Let us know below in the comment section!

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